Ha ha ha 🔫
04.18.14 /10:11
Y-3 back in action💕✌️
04.16.14 /20:11
Sorry for chopping off your hair 😄💕 #tbt @gutirez16
04.16.14 /03:52
Yay! Birthday present from JJ finally came today💙🐻💏 it’s a week late due to unforeseen circumstances on Sgpost’s side. Anyway, it’s here at last☺️ thanks for everything hehe I love everything very very much💙❤️💛💚💜
04.16.14 /03:07
And the dog name Boo!
04.08.14 /04:47
Happy birthday to us 💕🙆💕🙆 (at Bondi Junction)
04.08.14 /00:15
Just woke up. Final day of being a 20yo kid. Yes, I will always be a kid but… 😔🔫
04.06.14 /21:59
MASSIVE Moochi Yoghurt🍦 Oreo toppings Oreo toppings 👍
04.04.14 /21:35
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