We’re wearing sunnies at 6:30pm, it’s dark in Sydney. Dark.  🐻🍭💕 byeeeeee b-inkie💕🐻
09.15.14 /04:35
Hungry? Wheeeeeeee fav at de Nero’s Cafe @ Kingsford 😍😍😍😍😍 open grill chicken avocado with bacon & cheese on white bread 👍😋 yum took mum’s poached egg and added it on top whoop!   (at de Nero’s café)
09.12.14 /04:49
6 Faces of Jarell! 
🌸💐🌷😆😱😌 so high on lamb right now. #gold #gold #gold #gold hahahahahahahahaha  (at Harbord Chinese)
09.10.14 /05:11
Bye Winter and hello Spring! Haha winter…. you were horrible! Please do not linger around, go go go away, never ever come back again! (For now) 👻👻
09.01.14 /02:44
Kimchi Pasta 🍝 
First meal Elle has made for me in a long while ☺️
08.30.14 /00:59
Pig trotters, seafood pancake, cheesy spicy chicken 🍖🍖🍖 chickeeeeeeeeeen 치긴 맛있었~ ❌💲 (at Naruone - Korean Restaurant)
08.29.14 /08:01
Hehehe new found love with this place!! Curry chicken, milky creamy pork chop, kampong chicken, and butter cereal chicken (not here)! Better than…. 2 chefs hehehe 😄😋chicken chicken chicken I love chicken. I love me. 🐔🍗🍖🐔🍗🍖🐔🍗🍖 #鸟🐦 (at Albee’s Kitchen - Kingsford)
08.24.14 /04:17
Yay because my best pal is in Sydney😄 @hiho29. really walked a lot today and my feet hurts. Fireworks was so pretty, 7 minutes, super generous and… Why is it raining? ☔️ (at Kimber Lane)
08.16.14 /07:44
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