Turn turn turn turn turn😘 (I didn’t know what to do in the video so I just kept sticking out my tongue😜)

I think we smile better LIVE 📷📷 camera ❌❌ (at Singapore Botanic Gardens)
07.23.14 /05:26
When 妹妹 smiles for the camera.. It’s so cute because it’s not natural at all 😱💖 hahaha in the photo before this, she had her pacifier in her mouth! So when she saw the photo, she asked to take another photo and then removed her pacifier 💜💚💛 so cute
07.22.14 /22:19
Happy birthday Nich! And it was such a great day with both you and jo💖 hehe luge and SKYRIDE 5x each killed me! And also, we survived without towels and adventure cove was so impromptu hehehe! We are coolz😎 hahaha I look like a lobster now!  (at Adventure Cove Waterpark Sentosa)
07.18.14 /08:20
2nd time here with you! 💓💓 teehee 😄 (at Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase)
07.16.14 /04:40
My Bestfriend Willee 💕 finaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyy! New Instagram profile pic = our pact!! ☀️☀️  (at Ben And Jerry’s @ Vivo City)
07.13.14 /09:27
Godzilla comes together with the Polaroid z2300 yay 🐻📷 Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi // vongole vongole whoop  (at Modesto’s @ Vivo City,Singapore)
07.11.14 /02:12
Fly away~ fly away love~ 💕⭐️💖 every moment counts. I’m back for 3 weeks, seems long but we only have 5 days together, so let’s cherish these moments☀️and be happy ✌️☺️ (at Infinity Pool At Marina Bay Sands)
07.10.14 /09:48
Supper with my favourite brother 💕 (bye porridge)  (at Crystal Jade @ Holland Village)
07.09.14 /12:09
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